Dormitory of Phibulsongkram Rajabhat University

The Council of Rajabhat Institute Pibulsonggram. (The current council) No. 8/2549 on Saturday, November 1, 2546 has resolved to invite private investors building a student dormitory. The investment is financing the construction of student dormitories, according to all forms of ownership and enhance the University dormitories with.

Construction of the possession after the construction was completed by the joint venture will benefit. Return the money, rent an apartment for a period not exceeding 20 years, investors have proposed criteria for determining rental rates hostels charge fees and a return to university to university may be repurchased since the construction is complete agreement that has been done. together

The inviting private Institute Phibulsongkram issued inviting private investment in dormitory-style architecture of the institute. By selection of local institutions Pibulsonggram. (The sea glass) Sub Plai Chumphon Muang, Phitsanulok number three buildings, one cafeteria and utilities first system on December 1, 2546 by the sales pattern of between 8 to 19 December 2546 with the purchase of a number of items. 5 cases, submit the work of four people and institutions when considering the conditions and details of the benefits will be. The resolution called Kon Partnership Consultant Services, which offered the lowest price negotiations on the details until the agreement the two parties had presented for approval to the Council of the Institute Pibulsonggram. Meeting No. 1/2547 on Saturday, March 6, 2547 the Council of the Institute has approved the selection of private investment in the construction of three residential buildings in the amount of 170 million baht, with the latter, but because of the amount in excess of one hundred million baht to lead. proposed the project to the Board of Directors of the Federation of High School. To consider and approve the regulations of the Council of Rajabhat Institute. The supply of allocated income and gains from asset Council of Rajabhat 2541.

a separate dormitory ongoing construction in the amount not exceeding 100 million baht before the Institute sent a letter to the MOE. 0538/705 dated 26 April 2547 regarding approval of the project construction of student dormitories to private investors to the Commission. Higher Education for assistance to bring the project into the agenda of the Council.

High School To consider and give approval on May 3, 2547, which the meeting. In the meeting the president (minister of education) does not allow the agenda to be considered.

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