The Best Ways to Bet at The easiest of them all

This can be performed on a whim with people at the ballpark, across the TV, or over the net if they are great for your money. It takes just four people to keep you amused through a complete game. It’s so easy that I have never heard a name for this. It is essentially fantasy baseball using a season.
$ 5 each, the fundamentals: Four players, a National League game to watch.
The rules: There are 16 starting place players in a National League game each draft four-man teams. (Use the snaking method for your drafts, so whoever chooses fourth from the first round selections first in the second round.) Each bettor gets a point if his player singles or walks, two points for a double, three for a triple, four for a home run and one for a sneak. That is it. If your player comes from this game, you’re done making points from this place, so gamers that are inclined to play with the nine that were entire have some worth. Whoever gets the most points in the end takes the 20.
Variants: If you are unfortunate enough only to have American League baseball along with its own 18 starting position players to watch, three six-man teams or six three-man teams perform the task (or leave out the DHs and play as intended).
Just a little math: Addition isn’t that hard.
Those are a few of my favorites that I’ve played or heard about. In case you have any new games or variants on these to add, leave them in the comments below in order to make sure a enjoyable season of zero-sum activity for many of our subscribers.

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