Division of Student Development
      Capitol Records Division of Student Development Has developed and changed the name to the order established in the year 2519 the Department of Student Activities. College of Teachers Act 2518 changed the status from the year 2527. Student Affairs The Office of Student Affairs Improving the structure and content of student teachers Amendment Act (No. 2) Act 2547 in 2530, according to the Ministry of Education. The division of the College of Teachers, dated March 12, 2530 the Office of Student Affairs is divided into three service department is the secretariat. Career guidance, information and support services And Personality Development and Student Affairs in 2542 announced that the Institute Act, 2538 and announced by the Ministry of Education’s Institute of divided government in 2542 to oversee the Office of Student Affairs. coordination and support student activities, both within and outside the university. Care standards and student welfare Collecting information, as well as educational and career counseling to students. Divided into three lines of work is Student Administrative Services. And student activities
      2548, has established the Division of Student Affairs. Announced by University Phibulsongkram The division within the university Phibulsongkram dated March 11, 2548 as a division under the Office of the President and under the supervision of the Vice President for Student Affairs.
      2549, Student Affairs Name changed Division of Student Development According to the Ministry of Education, the division of the University Phibulsongkram 2549 dated May 22, 2549 mission by dividing the group into three groups, Group Admin. Student Group Activities And Service Group, and Welfare The work was divided into 15 segments.
1. Correspondence
2. Policy and Planning
3. Finance and Procurement
4. Secretary and Congress
5. Slice quality assurance
6. Public Relations
7. Promotion Activities
8. Promotion and disciplined
9. Promotion Sports
10. Military Education
11. Scholarships
12. Careers and Employment.
13. Work Accident
14. Health and wellness
15. Welfare and General Services
2557, Division of Student Development A work breakdown structure. Announced by University Phibulsongkram the division of the University Phibulsongkram 2557, announced on August 30, 2557 by Gen. Dr. Jawad Federation Mr. Steiner. Council member Phibulsongkram
Division of Student Development are 6 department including
  1. Personal Management
  2. Activities and Student Development
  3. Work Scholarship
  4. Services & Welfare
  5. Dormitory
  6. Alumni Relations
And the share units under 6 department as follows
1. Personal Management
– Accounting and Procurement Unit
– Government Relations
– Government Quality Assurance
2.Activities and Student Development
– Promotion Activities
– Student Government Organization
– The promotion and discipline
– The study of military units
3. Work Scholarship
– The General Scholarship
– Unit cost emergency loans
– The loan funds for education (a rank.).
– The loan fund to educate borrowers on future earnings (gross.)
4.Services & Welfare
– Health authorities and health
– Agency Insurance
– Welfare and General Services Unit
5. Dormitory
– Management unit dormitory
– Unit development and student dormitories
– Maintenance, landscaping and public relations.
6.Alumni Relations
– Career guidance and job placement agencies
– The alumni database
– Information Agency Alumni
– Unit assessed alumn